Never heard of him? Well, that's okay, 'cause he's probably never heard of you either...

Trying to summarize one of Eddie Izzard's stand-up routines is like trying to describe a dream four days after it happened. It makes sense to no one, not even the person trying to recount the story. And then, uh, he talked about how cats aren't really [purring], but they're actually, uh, drilling for oil behind the couch. Uh, get it? No? How about this? Eddie said that bees make honey, so do spiders make gravy? That's funny, isn't it? C'mon. Wait till you get to the part about how Hitler clearly never played Risk as a kid. Adolph should have known: "You could never hold on to Asia." One can no more condense Izzard's routine into an edible morsel than one can shorten a John Coltrane solo. Brilliance can't be reduced to sound bites.

-- Robert Wilonsky, Dallas Observer, 02/01/01

cake or death? an eddie izzard site

Lyn's fan site is the only one I'm linking to because it is about a million times better than all the rest. She diligently combs the web for news of Eddie and updates the site almost daily. Terrific archive of articles, tons of movie reviews, news about upcoming television appearances, and links to all the other fan sites less worthy than hers. All in an easy-to-navigate yet visually captivating layout.


A recent discovery -- a gazillion wav files, from practically everything he's ever done. Fabulous.

The Official Eddie Izzard Site

The official site is looking much better than it used to, although it never seems to be very current. Still, for an official website, it's not bad.

The Official Eddie Izzard Merchandise Site

This one is great, a one-stop shop for all things Eddie. Four of his concert tours -- Unrepeatable (1994), Definite Article (1995), Glorious (1997), and Dress to Kill (1998) are available on video in the NTSC format (what we need in America). You can also get tour programs, audio CDs (usually a different performance from the videos), and sundry Eddie crap. However...

Blackstar UK

At these sites, you can get what you can't get at the official Izzard Merchandise site, which is a limited edition box set featuring Unrepeatable, Definite Article, Glorious, and Live at the Ambassadors, his first video from 1993. There's also Lust for Glorious, a mockumentary made during the Glorious tour, and Je Suis Un Stand-Up, about his early attempts to introduce his comedy in other countries. The set is cheaper here than you can usually find on eBay, but you will have to pay to get the videos transferred to NTSC, about $15 a pop.


Many thanks to Michelle for reassuring me of my sanity.