As of August 22, 2003, I have been keeping an online journal for five years, the last four of which have been its current incarnation, Abeyance.

That's a lot of words, a lot of entries, and looking back, there's an awful lot of nonsense for someone new to my journal to slog through in an effort to get to know me.

So, I've compiled a list of "essential" entries: entries I'm proudest of, and entries I think would give a new reader the best idea of who I am. Some of them are funny, some are serious, some are ranty, some are full of happiness. Some are days apart from each other, some are months. Some are tales of travel, some are tales straight out of my head.

If you're interested, start with the first entry, or any of the ones in the following list. At the end of each page you will find a separate navigation, with "ea" in the center and left and right arrows on either side, and the arrows will move you back and forth between essential entries. If you forget where you are, you can click the "ea" and return to this page, or use the regular navigation to return to the index page.

Welcome to my journal. If you like what you read here, I hope you'll consider sticking around.

12.08.99: a beginning
01.11.00: dear melissa
02.07.00: rant
03.02.00: trial story
03.16.00: annoyances
04.16.00: the girls take new york
04.28.00: last day
05.27.00: graduation story
06.02.00: home
august 00: graceland//a wedding//vegas//return to l.a.
09.27.00: i fucking passed
10.04.00: life with father
12.05.00: introducing eddie
02.21.01: pop culture
02.23.01: almost famous
03.21.01: friendship
05.14.01: mother's day
05.30.01: confession
07.15.01: july 17, 1981
07.21.01: tips for tanners
09.11.01: nine eleven
09.14.01: three days later
10.30.01: ink
11.10.01: fixing things
01.71.02: the girls take new orleans
02.13.02: how i wonder
06.13.02: home redux
07.29.02: fucking cingular
09.16.02: my life in dollars
11.18.02: amazon gold box of crap
01.05.03: 2002 revisited
02.06.03: tired
05.22.03: grappling
05.24.03: eddie
07.22.03: fourteen again