Watching: The snow. Our first real snowfall of the season. I wish it were December, but I'll take what I can get. I love snow, and it makes me want to stay inside and be all cozy and do really romantic things like... study for the bar.

Not watching: Buffy because my apartment managers are fascists and won't let UPS leave packages outside the door, even when the recipient leaves a nice little note for the UPS man saying that it's okay to leave the package outside the door, because she knows she won't be home by 6:00 which is when the apartment office closes and that is where all UPS packages end up when the recipient isn't home, so my first season DVDs have to spend the night in the apartment office and this made me very cranky.

Keeping: Resolution #2, which is to write something every day. I know you wouldn't know it by how often I've updated (look, two in a row, woo!) but my friend Michelle got me the loveliest Christmas gift, a ceramic inkpot with one word on it: write. She said it was to remind me to do it, and it's now sitting on my desk and I've been writing every day since. Privately, mostly, but this counts too.

Announcing: That I finally have a cuñada -- a sister-in-law! Derek and Elena were married on January 7, by the proprietor of a bed and breakfast, with only my parents and her parents in attendance. I wish I could have been there, but it sounded lovely and I respect their desire to keep it very low-key, and I'm just thrilled that Elena is now a part of our family.

Never one to let a bandwagon pass me by, I hereby present you with my first Friday Five:

1. What do you have your browser start page set to? CNN.

2. What are your favorite news sites? Well, CNN. I also usually check Findlaw and Newsday's AP wire throughout the day. (And, of course, The Onion.)

3. Favorite search engine? Google, hands down. I tried Vivisimo for a while, but I always come back to Google.

4. When did you first get online? Technically, the summer of 1991 when my father got Prodigy on the trusty Mac -- my first e-mail was with someone who had also posted to a Moonlighting bulletin board. I tried AOL sporadically in 1995, but I wasn't a daily internet user until I got to law school in 1997 and got to dial-up for free.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? I was going to go antiquing, but that was before the blizzard we seem to be having. Now, my plans involve the couch, the fireplace, the washer and dryer, the bar exam, and the first season of Buffy.

don't let this light fade away
don't let me run out of faith
be the only man to say
that you believe
make me believe
you won't let go

I don't know why I love this song like I do, but I do. It's "Adagio" by Lara Fabian, and I first heard her on -- God help me -- the Donny and Marie show, last summer, and it just took my breath away.

I don't know why I'm telling you this. It just came up in the rotation of my jukebox, and I was moved to tell you how much I love it.

Now it's on "I'll Fly Away" from Moulin Rouge, but you probably don't want to hear about that.

See, I'm trying something out. I think part of the reason I have been so absent from this journal lately is that I'm not compelled to write unless I have something big and important to tell you, and big and important things just don't happen to me all that often.

(Another reason is because I hate the index page design with an absolute passion. I don't know what possessed me to create that, but I cannot wait to be rid of it.)

But anyway, I went back to reading my old, old, old stuff, and I realized that I blathered on about completely meaningless things to the point where I have no idea how I built up the readership I have. (No offense, but you people must have been really, really bored.)

And I know you're not thrilled at the idea that I'm going back to that, and I'm not either. But I have figured out two things: #1, the entries don't have to be long. #2, they don't have to be about deep, meaningful things.

I just don't want them to be boring.

So how am I doing so far?

(No, don't tell me...)