Wishing: I could stop being quite so slothful. I'm working some long-ass days and I just have no energy at night to do much of anything.

Reading: A Traitor to Memory. It's excellent, but very complicated. You have to pay attention. I love authors who aren't afraid to assume that their readers have a brain. (Speaking of books, I started a book blog! It has a poll and everything! You get to pick what I read next! Vote early and vote often!)

Listening: Busted Stuff, Dave Matthews Band. I know it's been out for a while but I just bought it last Tuesday. I suppose I could be more obsessed with it. I mean, I'm not listening to it while I sleep. Yet.

Crazy as I may make my way through this world
It's for no one but me to say what direction I shall turn
I am the captain of this ship...

Watching: Oh, for the love of God, I sat on my ass for about eight solid hours on Sunday watching I Love the 80's on VH-1. They did one year an hour. I relived my adolescence in one afternoon. It was alternately hilarious and very, very frightening. Not to mention it made me feel a million years old.

Not Watching: My Season 3 Buffy DVDs. I mean, I opened them and looked at all the pretty discs and everything, but I don't want to start watching them until I can actually sit down and watch them without a care in the world. And not get sucked into reliving the 80's.

Losing: A pound and a half in week one. It totally should not have happened, because I fell off the wagon over the weekend in some giant ways. How can you possibly watch retro television for eight hours and not eat pizza? I ask you.

Buying: Shoes. At the Designer Shoe Warehouse, the greatest shoe store ever. Do you see these shoes?

I paid $5.80 for them. Five dollars and eighty cents. For a new pair of black suede(ish) chunky heels. Never mind that they're my fourth or fifth or ninth pair. They fit! They were comfortable! They were 80% off $29.00! How was I to resist?

I also bought new sneakers:

They're New Balance, and they did cost a little more than $5.80. Like, $70 more. But after my entire body ached for three days from one day of walking around New York City back in December, I decided that my old shoes had had it. I really have the worst feet in the world, and if I don't wear proper shoes when I'm doing a lot of walking, I pay the consequences. Like aching for three days.

And really, at the end of the day, if you've spent $80 for two pairs of shoes, you've done well for yourself.

I also bought some more Philosophy at Sephora. I've totally fallen for this stuff. Maybe it's the all-lowercase letters, I have no idea. But my skin feels nice and smooth and the tone has evened out quite a bit, so I'm happy. (I haven't bought the $60 bottle of pheromone yet. In case you were wondering.)

Spending: An awful lot of money for someone who will be out of a job in about a month. And speaking of spending money...

Planning: A trip out west to see Elise, my best friend, in all her pregnant glory! And they just found out she's having a boy, which is very exciting, even though I was convinced she was having a girl. (I was convinced Athena was having a girl, too, so apparently, if you want to find out the sex of your baby, just ask me, and it will be the opposite.) Anyway, today I just happened to click open the Southwest e-mail I get every week, and they're running a special of $79 each way between where I live and where she lives, so off I go, probably at the end of February. Yay!

Going: To Philadelphia this weekend, though not to see anyone you know, for a change! I'm actually visiting a friend from law school, who has a fabulous job and lives in a fabulous apartment and I will probably come back on Sunday feeling really good about where I am in my life, but whatever, it will be nice to catch up with her.

And I was going to meet up with Lori for lunch or something on Sunday, but I actually have to come back and go to work, so that was a bummer. However, given the fact that I spend practically as much time in Philly as I do here, I'm sure we will get to hang out very soon!

And there you have it, the sidebar-only entry.

The same old song...

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