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I know some things about my readers now. If you're not on the notify list, you might not know how I know all this, but I do now. And here's what I know.

They write for TWoP. They write for television. They write books. They are accountants. They work at law firms, at universities, at publishing companies. They are unemployed.

They write journals, and they used to write journals, and they're thinking about writing journals.

They are married, they are single, they are divorced, they are pregnant, they have kids, they have grandkids. They have recently lost a loved one. They have recently given birth.

They accidentally breed rabbits. They are vehicular scofflaws.

They have lost incredible amounts of weight. They have neighbors with ridiculous decorating senses. They offer to send me books. They notice the pun in my e-mail address. They change their URLs like most people change their underwear.

They work at my alma mater. They used to work at a law school. They go to a French-language law school in Canada. They are taking the bar exam next week. They know good lawyer jokes.

They have tickets to see Eddie Izzard. They love Sports Night.

They live in Kansas City, and they live in Washington. They live in Australia, and Indiana, and Massachusetts and California and Nebraska and Texas and New Zealand and England, and they have been to Paris.

They always enter the Oscar pool, and they never enter the Oscar pool. They are going on vacation, and they have just come back from vacation.

They've been reading me since last month, since last year.

They've been reading me since I was Grace.

They are amazing.

And there is one reader (though she is much more than a reader) I am compelled to acknowledge. Actually, I want to thank her, because she called me this afternoon while I was in the middle of a self-indulgent sobfest, which was exactly when I needed to talk to her. I don't know how she knew, and she probably didn't, but she could have called anyone at that particular time, and she called me. And she made me feel better, and she reminded me that I didn't actually need to keep my mouth shut so much.

So thank you, my friend, I love you.

And all my readers. My friends. Thank you. I do love you too. make you listen to me

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