Still no sidebar. It's on vacation.

This is going to be a quick one, as I must go watch the new episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in forty-five minutes.

Speaking of Bravo, they are going to start running The West Wing in syndication in a couple of weeks. I have most of the old ones on tape, but there is one episode from the first season that I have never seen, so I'm very excited about this.

I am reading The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber, and it is quite sassy and fabulous.

I have never seen an episode of SportsCenter in my entire life. For reasons passing understanding, ESPN was the channel on my television when I turned it on this morning. Then things get even crazier because I sat and watched last night's SportsCenter for like ten minutes, I have no idea why. But I was watching this story about the new Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, who was apparently the first draft pick or something, and then the reporter did his stand-up at the end and said his name and I said, "Hey!" to the television, because I went to college with him! I was the station manager of our college radio station my last semester, and he was my sports director. I looked around the ESPN website for an e-mail address since I thought it would be fun to say hi, but I couldn't find one.

Much like Natalie when Jeremy tried to break up with her, I do not acknowledge that Melissa ended her journal.

Boys, cover your eyes: I started the birth control patch while I was in Hilton Head, and have now had my period for twelve days straight. I do not think that this is what is supposed to happen so I'm going to have to call Planned Parenthood tomorrow (yes, that's where I go, what do you want, I have no insurance) and see what is going on with my uterus. I'm rather annoyed because the whole point of me being on birth control is because otherwise I get my period like every two weeks, but 12 days of cramps, cravings, moodswings? Like hell.

I have another temp job lined up, starting Monday. It's in Largo, Maryland, which means I will have to drive every day on the beltway, which is a very bad thing. It is ten hours a day, six days a week, which is a very bad thing. It is doing document review, which... you get the idea. Good thing: it pays well. Good result: JournalCon 2003!

I am considering getting another tattoo while at JournalCon. If you will recall, I got my first one in Chicago during JC01. I'm thinking about an archer, for Sagittarius, but I'm really just kicking it around.

I just got my new Chiasso catalog and I think I might have to get this clock with my second paycheck. (The first one is going to pay for Austin.)

I might actually save my third paycheck. Unprecedented!

That's it, the show is on, I must go.

...well you could, but you'd be wrong

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